Decision That Can Change The Future

Decision that can change the future

Every student has a dream career which they wish to pursue. But only having a dream cannot make sure that you land up in that career. What a person needs to realise his dream is the guidance of the best educational institution or college. Such is the following story of Abhijeet Parmar who is currently a student pursuing a course in integrated BBA-MBA.

Choice had to be made

Abhijit Parmar was an intelligent commerce student from Ahmedabad who performed very well in Accountancy and Statistics. Many people have suggested him to take up CA as his higher studies and career in the future. But he had his mind fixed on MBA. This was the most critical decision of his life which could make or break his future. So he was in search of good courses and colleges offering an integrated course in BBA and MBA.

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Searching for the best college

After completion of the board examinations, Abhijit started preparing for the various entrance exams that would enable him to get into the top institutes – namely Christ Bangalore, IIM Indore, Symbiosis Pune, Nirma University, and O.P. Jindal Global University. After securing a high rank in the entrance examinations he chose O.P. Jindal Global University as his college. This Institute was offering him an integrated programme in BBA and MBA and awarding a dual degree on due completion of the course.

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Correct decision changes life

He is very happy now with his decision for choosing this college. Though sceptical at the beginning about staying alone and pursuing an integrated course, he was soon assured of the high quality of the faculty and amenities provided here. He is extremely benefitted with the international standard of education and the state of the art infrastructure at college. The environment of the college is excellent and many extracurricular activities also refresh the minds of the students.

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Being a present student at OP Jindal Global University, he says that this college should be the priority choice in a student’s list of colleges.

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