How important is Class XI syllabus for JEE Main?

How important is Class XI syllabus for JEE Main

Every year thousands of engineering aspirants sit for the Joint entrance examination or JEE Main. While preparing for the same they often have doubts that’s if the lessons they are preparing in Class XI will be useful for JEE main preparation too.

Why does it matter ?

Being well prepared in Class XI syllabus will be really helpful in JEE Main. This exam stresses on basic questions which are based on subjective foundations prepared in Class XI. Having a strong knowledge in the the basic subjects helps students answering the questions under restriction of time and marks. Many students may think that the year at Class XI is not that significant and can be made up for in the next year of Class XII but it actually becomes quite difficult because without strong foundation the vast syllabus cannot be covered properly in a single year. So the JEE Mains preparation is also affected in that way.

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Aspects which needs to be stressed on in Class XI syllabus

  1. Conceptual learning – Instead of leaving the formulas, compositions and derivations in various subjects, it will be good if emphasis is given on the conceptual learning. This is important from the JEE aspect because the exam tests the subjective and conceptual knowledge of the candidate.
  2. Option based answering – once the conceptual learning is clear, the answering of objective based questions becomes easier. This is because even if someone does not know the correct answer they can guess accurately and derive because the concepts are clear.
  3. Higher studies – the concepts taught in Class XI will be helpful in higher studies because these topics are fundamental on which the subjects are taught in college.
  4. Better mark sheet – a better preparation level in Class XI helps in scoring good marks which acts as a strong boost of confidence for further scoring in JEE Mains.
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Preparing for the JEE Mains exam requires equal attention in Class XI syllabus too because to score well in JEE it is required to be conceptually sound on the subject and also easier to cover the huge syllabus of JEE Mains .


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