Newly Approved National Testing Agency to Conduct All CBSE Exams

Newly approved National Testing Agency to conduct all CBSE exams

This is big news for all the junior aspirants who seek admission to higher educational institutes – NTA or National Testing Agency is soon to be the official body for conducting entrance exams for admissions into the higher educational institutions like colleges and universities and this body formation has been approved by the union cabinet. Here, by exams for admissions to higher educational bodies, means the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) examinations, JEE (Joint Entrance Examinations) conducted for admissions to medical and engineering colleges and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

Why is this being done?

This has been proposed to eliminate the additional pressure from academic bodies like the CBSE council of conducting entrance exams and focus their full attention towards the academic schedule and structure.

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How will NTA function?

As of now, it is being planned that this new body NTA will be conducting 2 exams at least in a single academic year to give extra chance to the students who have the potential to shine. It will reach the country throughout the length and breadth, in the distant rural areas as much as it is possible. It will also hold training sessions with practical knowledge for the students.

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The intention of the proposal of conducting 2 examinations a year is to bring relief to the over stressed-out students who face a lot of pressure of sitting at a board exam and the entire competitive exams one after the other at a very close timeline within the same year.

Who will constitute the NTA?

The NTA body will be headed by an eminent educationalist appointed through the ministry of human resource. It will have a board of governors who will represent various institutes. It will consist of several academics, head of institutes and educational experts.

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It is estimated that a huge number of students – around 40 lakhs more or less – will be immensely benefited by this change in the system. It will correctly assess the potential of student’s intelligence and ability to problem solving and not only concentrate on theoretical performance.


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