5 Things to Keep in Mind During the CBSE Board Exams

5 Things to Keep in Mind During the CBSE Board Exams

Central Board of Secondary Education Exams are a complete stone’s throw away. It’s a vital juncture in the school student’s career. Each and every year lakhs of students appear for the board exams of class 10th and 12th. Different from the family pressure to qualify the exam with good marks, the students are also under immense stress to get best marks to get admission in prestigious Institution for higher education across the nation. The race is quite tough and students have to struggle a lot to keep their head straight and pull up their socks at this time. During this time of the stress, students need to hold on their patience and refrain from going into the panic zone. Only for the sake of students who are going to sit for the board exams in 2018, we have listed 5 points which they must keep in mind during the exams.

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5 Things Which Student’s must remember while appearing for the Board Exams

1. Calm Down: – The foremost and first requirement is to perform to the best of your capability in the board exams is only to stay calm and patient. Panicking will take you nowhere, it will just increase the level of your burden and stress.

2. Whatever you have learnt, just revise it: – As you all know, that Board Exams are just a few fortnights away, do not just mug up all the chapters together and don’t start studying chapters and those topics which you have not touched before. Stick to what you already know and focus on those chapters in which you are confident about and remember a bird in hand is worth more than two in bush.

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3. Stay Confident: – Stay and remain confident about yourself. Most of us go into panic mode when we hear about our friend’s or classmates’ preparations. It is better to believe and trust yourself than be frustrated by seeing what others have studied. Remember not always Sharma Ji’s son will be right.

4. Attend the Counselling of CBSE: – Central Board of Secondary Education has launched a portal for the tele-counselling for the Board Examinees. Candidates who are under extreme stress or they feel the need to talk to counselors must definitely go ahead and attend the session of tele-counselling. Students can call on the help-line number mentioned on CBSE website for tele-counselling between 8 AM to 10 PM during all days.

5. Socialize: – This is unusual but you must not isolate yourself from the whole world. This is just an exam and not a Universe. Isolating yourself and only studying without any break will increase your stress level. You need to surround yourself with the people who makes you comfortable and make sure that you meet with your friends on a regular basis. And at a regular interval, go for a walk and enjoy the family time.


Remember this is not the end of your life. The best and the worse score in your board exams will not determine your worth. Just appear for the exams with a cool mind and focus on justifying your own potential rather than competing with others.


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