Career Occasions in the Field of Fashion Design

Career Occasions in the Field of Fashion Design

This Industry is considered as one of the best paying industry in the date of today, a profession in Fashion Design has gained a lot of popularity among the brain of creative people. Popularly formulated as a field of the magnet, the domain has cut-throat competition and tremendous challenges and tough times as well. However, there is a vast scope of Fashion Design in India as well as the International level. Aspirants have multiple choices in front of the after the successful completion of their professional studies in the field of Fashion Designing. The Fashion Designers have various options including research, textile designing, etc. They might join fashion houses, export units and even manufacturing for paid jobs and also launch their label in the market.

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The boundary of Fashion Design is not restricted to cloths only; it does cover other aspects of accessories, footwear and even jewellery as the whole looks matter. Below are the roles of designers along with some luxurious job profiles in the world of fashion.

Fashion Designer:

Building fresh new products about the latest bearings commanding in the market, the designers are essential players in the industry of fashion. If one is creative enough to visualise out of the box, is very hard working and handle tough situations in a positive manner then he/she is suitable for this particular field to gain better earnings and great incentives.

Fashion Illustrator:

Fashion Illustrator is a person who is entirely responsible for serving original sketches of what the fashion designer explains and attractions. An illustrator is the running hand of creations, mental and ideas of the designer.

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Fashion Stylist:

The Fashion Stylist is a person who maintains the hairstyle, the makeup and the dress code of models to make sure the best look of the show. They usually take care of looks and beauty of the promotional programs and fashion shows.

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Fashion Coordinator:

A fashion coordinator is a person who usually takes care of marketing policies and its arrangements. He/She is not relatable to the designing desk. The responsibilities which lie on the shoulder of coordinator are advertising products and organising fashion shows.

Fashion Consultant:

A Fashion Consultant is a person in the industry of fashion, who should be aware of latest trends and transitions in the domain and should know about fashion designing as well. They offer creativity regarding the development of a particular commodity. He/she is expected to be a competent observer who is sympathetic to the transforming fashions.

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The arising fashion industry has a positive impact on the economy because of increasing opportunities. Fashion Design has now become one of the most sought-after profession options among candidates after passing class 12. The reason is its broad opportunities that promise excellent salary along with stimulating working atmosphere.


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