Choose Your Stream Wisely After Class X (FAQ)

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Choose Your Stream Wisely After Class X (FAQ)

If you are confused which stream to choose after class X, here you will find some advantages of each stream. The article will help you not to be clueless and confused. Read below carefully and it is suggested to select the stream which is your strength.

What are the main streams to select after class X

There are three broad streams to select after class X and those are Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts.

What stream is Science

The stream Science is related to Medical and Engineering studies in long run and the subjects include Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

What stream is Commerce

The Commerce stream is linked to financial marketing, business, commerce and trade in higher studies and the subjects in it include mathematics and financial abilities.

What stream is Humanities/Arts

The Humanities/Arts stream is related to education in Geography, Political Science, History, Anthropology, Human Resources, Psychology, Languages and Journalism.

Why many find Science is attractive

Most of the students find Science to be very fascinating and most lucrative. However, it is suggested to select it if only you have interest in the stream, which includes practical labs and also theory that needs good hard work. The stream is further differentiated in Medical and Non-Medical. Biology is the core subject In Medical. Mathematics becomes the core subject in Non-Medical.

Why to choose Commerce

If you want to make career in business, finance, trade and other related segments, commerce is best to choose after class X. Students of Commerce can make career into MNCs, Banks, CA, CS and more.

Why to choose Humanities or Arts

This is the widest study option. It is perfect for those who wish to study about Geography, History, Language, Literature, Mass Media, Journalism, and Psychology.

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