Exam Day Tips for JEE Main 2018

Exam Day Tips for JEE Main 2018

JEE Main 2018 offline examination is around, and the online exams are programmed to be conducted on April 15 and April 16. Check the critical dates for JEE Main 2018 here. With precisely no time left for the examinations, it becomes vital for candidates to know the strategies they require to remember before and while taking the exam. To lead students through their last-minute preparations, Ramesh Batlish a FIITJEE expert shares some of the most common questions that may disconcert JEE Main candidates. Including with this, he even shares their suggested responses.

1. What to do now?

You have done each and everything you could have. On a concluding day keep endeavoring questions from the source you have been using so far. There is no requirement to browse through books. To estimate and judge your fresh preparedness, you are suggested to try earlier years papers or join a short contact program as a Crash Course. This will undoubtedly assist you fastly revise every topic in a competitive environment. Additionally, you might take up mock tests online and access your weaknesses and strengths. Try and relax by reading magazines and newspapers. Go for a walk in the evening hours but do not eat outside. Stay healthy as this even contributes towards your performance.

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2. The Competition is tensed. Can I make it?

The competition is tensed for everybody. Whether you make it or not cannot be predicted. What you must be thinking at this time is not whether you will make it or not but how to offer your best with the preparation you have done.

3. What if the paper is terrible?

The critical issue is always to maximize your production. This means irrespective of the nature of the paper you must do all those queries, which you know of. If you do all these, you do not have to worry because the writing is difficult for everyone.

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4. If the pattern changes what do I do?

All the data regarding the nature of the paper, which has been announced before, will stay unchanged. In-spite of this be prepared for few changes. This means expect to happen.

Your strategy is required not change.

5. There are a couple of things that I had not done correctly. Shall I do them now?

No! Do not do anything now that you have not done in the last one or two years. Do some questions or revise scientific names that you have done or performed before.


6. My friends know more than me. How do I stand the opportunity of succeeding among them?

Selection in any entrance exam depends upon 50% knowledge base, memory, and analytical base while the other 50% is being able to do all you can do in the examination. Talent is compulsory; transforming talent into result is essential. You cannot control the performance of your friend. However, you can certainly control yours. If you do your best, you will not have anything to complain about.

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