Last Minute Tips for XAT 2019

Last Minute Tips for XAT 2019

The MBA entrance exam season is on and your preparation must be in full swing. Those who are planning to appear in XAT 2019 must be paying extra attention to the details. The XAT 2019 will be conducted on 6th January, 2019, so preparation time is running out fast. It is time to work towards retaining what you have studied in last 6 months. You must wrap up your revision now and switch to short notes.

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Below are some last minute tips for the XAT 2019:

1. Revision: This the time when aspirants must revise their short notes. Revision is a must before appearing for the XAT 2019 exam. Revise all the important concepts, formulae, facts and dates. Revision helps in clearing all kinds of confusion and it strengthen what you have already studied.

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2. Focus on your strength: You must concentrate on your strong areas. Spending time on improving weak areas will be of no help at this point of time. It might end up confusing you. This time before the XAT exam should be devoted to strong areas only. Also, revising topics in which you are strong will assist you retain them longer. With this, you can perform better in the exam.

3. Revise General Knowledge: Refer to timeline of the whole year and read up vital points of the major events of the year. Even a cursory glance on GK Topics will assist you recall them during the exam.

4. Do not forget the Decision Making Section: Decision Making section is a unique aspect of XAT exam. Though this section is totally dependent on your point of view and presentation of facts, it is better to read a few examples before giving it to a final shot. In the last few hours, revise pointers and revisit tips and tricks to have them fresh in mind.

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5. Choose the best exam strategy: Do finalize a XAT exam strategy before you appear for the exam. It is important to work according to a strategy to score well in the exam. If you will have an exam strategy, you will know what to do immediately once you get the XAT 2019 question paper, instead of losing crucial minutes in devising a plan after the timer has started. Also, with this time management will be taken care of. Time management is one of the crucial aspects in helping you score well.

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6. Be prepared with Plan B: Be ready with a Plan B, in case of surprises and shocks in the exam. Sometimes, things go out of hand and at that time Plan B works. You must prepare yourself for situations that might not be in your favour. Plan B even includes not panicking. Stay calm and composed, no matter what.

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