Let’s Make Career in the Field of Fashion Designing

Let’s Make Career in the Field of Fashion Designing

Fashion is a term used too often and too loosely for it’s a vast industry which has a spectrum of job opportunities for creative professionals. Fashion has always been the most talked regarding industry due to the glamour quotient and the exclusivity attached to it. However, with time fashion is becoming more and more inclusive whether in terms of application or the basic foundation of it, at the level of fashion courses. The Institutes of fashion are now offering an array of courses which not only cater directly to the industry but even to the supporting and immediate industries. There is a myth that fashion is all about clothes, but the fact is that it is the entire existence of human beings. From the places we travel to the food we eat, fashion has subconsciously made a place for itself in each field. A fashion enthusiast now is not expected to be a graduate in a specific field to get a job in the industry and neither having a degree in a field of fashion entitles one to only perform designing tasks.

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Fashion designers are now taking up superior level posts at multiple corporate sectors and taking up leading positions in the electronic commerce industry. A fashion enthusiast can choose to explore other industries related to designing if it is not something that he/ she want to pursue. Amongst creative candidates, Jewellery, Footwear and Accessory designing are equally famous. Designing is not restricted solely to garments; Graphic Designers are even emerging in the industry as collaborations and capsule collections are becoming a norm due to the requirement to maintain exclusivity. All the designers dream about having their own label or design studio and this is the first and foremost career aspect that every professional contemplates. Starting up can be a tricky business of course, but with the current technologies, opportunities and entrepreneurial drive amongst young professionals has made it easier than ever to have a brand. A physical store is not the basic requirements as designers can outsource their outfits through various available channels and retail online. Designers are retailing fashion and lifestyle accessories apart from clothing online.

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Fashion Public Relations is the underdog of the fashion industry. A strong media presence online and offline is required via ethical channels to enhance profitability. Fashion PR not only builds relationships with the professionals outside the company but even analyses the organization, finds positive points, works on their weak points, works on their weak points and builds their positive public image accordingly. Though PR professionals work in the background but that does not nullify the diligence of the profession as they are working nonstop on building a favorable and positive image of companies in media.

Writing is becoming one of the most major fields as a potential full-time career prospect for fashion professionals. With bloggers, influencers, social media and even E-tail websites, awareness regarding fashion and style is increasing; and with this, increasing is the requirement to offer customers with novelty content. Content writers or Blog writers are being hired, full-time or part-time, to offer customers with information rich content regarding fashion and styling as well as solutions to their style related queries. Bloggers or content writers assist in creating a strong write up regarding products, places and trends and their work depends on the brief offered by the client. They can write regarding the properties and qualities of any particular product or can even write a promotional article for magazines, websites or online readers. Fashion content writers or blog writers concentrate more on fashion trends and styling and how to incorporate those inputs into real life.

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Lifestyle and Fashion influencers are even emerging as promoters in generating demand and creating the value of products. Social media has become the go-to platform for the customers regarding honest and reviews about products, places and advice regarding fashion. Fashion bloggers and fashion influencers are earning by promoting and endorsing products by known and unknown companies alike. Customers trust influencers and their opinions and hence this becomes the most favoured platform for companies to invest their money which otherwise could have been spent on advertising or promotion through professional companies.

Action speaks louder than words and in the fashion scenario, presentation shows value than writing. All these products and services need a fitting presentation along with a strong content and this is where fashion stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers and videographers are needed. Fashion stylists and Fashion photographers use to work majorly with magazines and entertainment industry but the need to be prominent brought together the opportunities for creative professionals in styling field. A fashion stylist, who is well versed with the global and local trends, is needed to make clothes look their best. Makeup artists and hair stylists are also required to be able to create looks according to the theme and styling demand. Fashion industry is currently leaning on freelancers for styling needs as all the major work is outsourced.

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Fashion Photography and fashion styling go hand in hand. A course in fashion designing teaches you about the basic ideologies and historical culture of fashion, and hence, it becomes more easier to get into styling field. Fashion photography is taught in fashion communication and fashion designing courses to make students aware about the fundamental understanding of related fields. All the products need to be photographed in order for them to be available online and professionals are required to complete that task. Fashion photographers can either work with one or multiple companies simultaneously. Startups believe in smart work, and hence, hire freelancers and part-time professionals because having a full-time professional isn’t often feasible for them.

The growing fashion industry is accountable for generating various career opportunities and innovating new areas for research in terms of technology and sustainability. This increase in opportunity is increasing the demand of creative professionals. Educational institutions are introducing new courses and re-evaluating their curriculum to incorporate the changing trends in fashion academia. Short-term and long-term courses are being offered by fashion institutes keeping in mind the need of the industry as the current times is the best time to invest in this field, explore their creativity and seize new opportunities.

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