Mandy Dental College, Dhaka (DU)

Mandy Dental College, Dhaka (DU)


Started with an aim to improve dentistry in the country, Mandy Dental College, Dhaka today has turned into a prestigious dental college that serves dynamic dental services and advanced dental education to students. In the year 2007, this college was founded and since then, it has been a favourite destination for students as it features dynamic medical education with state of art infrastructure and latest facilities. This institute leaves no stone to develop the best dental specialists with its efforts, encouragement and enthusiasm. Though the foundation of this institution was laid in 2007, yet the actual operation started in 2010 after the whole infrastructure was developed.

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Mandy Dental College,

# 295/Jha/14, West Dhandomdi, P.S – Hajaribagh, Dhaka (1209)

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Affiliated to University of Dhaka

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Speciality Features of Mandy Dental College, Dhaka (DU)-

Mandy Dental College is a prominent institution where hundreds of aspiring dental students take admission to become a successful medical practitioner. To deliver the optimum dental education, the college is furnished with the best amenities and state of the art facilities. There are so many attractive features that make this institution favourite for medical students.

  • A large campus – To deliver a world class learning experience, Mandy Dental College is built in a big area with separate sections for various departments.
  • Recognised Institution – It is a well-recognised dental institution in Bangalore that holds required affiliations and approvals from related authorities of the country.
  • Well-Furnished Laboratories – To teach students anatomy and all aspects of dentistry and boost their knowledge, the college is equipped with various laboratories. For each department, there is separate laboratory where students can conduct varied experiments to enhance their understanding and learning experience.
  • Library – There is a big library that is fully air-conditioned and have a vast collection of books, text books, reference books and much more of students’ interest.
  • Experienced Faculty – All the faculty members in this college are well-educated and experienced. Teaching under such experienced faculty gives students confidence and knowledge to tackle all kinds of issues with an ease.
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Course Offered –

A four years professional degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Anatomy which is followed by one year of compulsory internship from the college.

Milestones –

At present, Mandy Dental College runs with the collaboration of experienced teachers and medical experts who utilise their experience and excellence to develop the best leaders in the dentistry field. It is a greatly respective entity in Government of Bangladesh. Hence, it never fails to satisfy the world by serving the best education and dental care.

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