Planning to Study Geography after 12th? Know Scope and Even Career Opportunities

Planning to Study Geography after 12th? Know Scope and Even Career Opportunities

Geography is actually a discipline bridging the natural and social sciences and includes the study of various social along with spatial phenomena on the surface of earth. There are other two branches of Geography which are Physical Geography and Human Geography. If you don’t have much idea about these two branches of Geography then let us inform you that Physical Geography deals with the study of spatial characteristics of the different natural phenomena reacted to earth. And on the other hand, human geography is the study of human behavioral and processes and how they are related to the physical space they actually live in. Physical Geography falls within natural sciences while Human Geography is included in Social Sciences.
There is a wide variety of Geography degrees including BSc, BA at the undergraduate level and MA, ,Sc at the graduate level.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Geography

1. Eligibility and Educational Background: The candidates who are interested to study the degree of bachelor in Geography must complete 10+2, most preferable if done in arts and science, and then take Geography as a course. This is important because it will offer students with the most basic background required for the further studies in Geography. The cut off percentage differs from Institute to Institute. Basically, for the top most colleges the cut-off is more than 85 percent.

2. Entrance Exams: For the degree of bachelor’s there is actually no entrance exams as admission takes place based on class 12th results.

3. Duration of the Course: The usual duration is 3 years for a bachelor’s course in Geography.

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4.Course Structure in Brief: In bachelor’s degree the fundamental of both Human and Physical Geography is more concerned about the physical features and procedure of earth’s surface, human-environmental services and interaction with society with different spaces are being covered. Apart from all that, practical skills such as Geographical Information System and remote sensing are even taught to the students.

Careers after Bachelor Degree in Geography

The careers for Bachelor’s degree holders in Geography can include the teacher of Geography, Research associate in projects which is related to environment, social development, sustainability and jobs related to Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Career after the Master’s Degree in Geography

Master’s degree holders in Geography can look forward for career in Cartographers, Academicians, Urban Planners to name only a few. They can even find policy related jobs, developmental jobs as a program officer or research fellow, corporate jobs in CSR and many more to come. Popular careers in Geography includes academics (teacher/lecturer/professor), Researcher in organisations, Cartographers, Environmental Consultant, Urban Planner, Tourism Officer, GIS Specialist, Demographer, Hydrologist etc. The salary would differ from job to job and from country to country. In India top jobs would pay somewhere in between Rs 40,000-80,000 per month. If you have any doubt related to the same, do ask us in the comments section below.

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