Stream change after class 12 is nothing to fear


Stream change after class 12 is nothing to fear

The stream we choose in college doesn’t predict or give us a guaranteed future. Many graduates ends up getting a job that has hardly anything to do with what they have studied in college. College life becomes more exciting as it introduces us to new subjects and fosters new passions. You might enter undergraduate enjoying physics but discover a burgeoning love for political science. However, keep this in mind: Every stream has requisite coursework. Some require you to take introductory courses before you move into the more advanced classes. Also, some classes are offered in the fall but not in the spring, or vice–versa. If you change your stream late in the game, it may take more than the stipulated time to earn a degree. If a particularstream of study doesn’t satisfy your intellectual appetite, then consider a different stream based on your interest irrespective of what stream you had in class 12. We often take a specific stream to keep the choices open for future. This is the time to make that selection and choose from various career choices available. If you are thinking about changing your stream after class 12 then you have to know about some valuable factors to think while changing streams after class 12. Strongly counting on your aptitude and interest you can make a switch to different stream and career that are really good for future. In India, switch to a different stream is permitted but here are some constraints as well. Like a candidate of science stream can attain the commerce stream but a candidate of commerce stream cannot attain science stream. So it is advisable to thoroughly explore the courses and check the eligibility criteria to take up the correct decision at the right time.

There are a lots of stream you can opt for after your class 12. However make sure that you have completed your class 12 by attaining marks which are on the wrong side of 60%. You can choose any of the stream you are interested in. Your interest and selection plays a very significant role to become your future bright. To grow your future bright you’ve to think appropriately in order that you can select consequently. There are various courses which helps you to make career glorious.However it is advisable to choose a stream in which you are comfortable and you can do good easily without any hesitation or worry.You need to judge your potential in terms of aptitude and interest. Then only will it become easier for you to select the stream that best suits you.

While changing the stream after class 12 also consider the following other aspects:

  • Areas of Interest
  • Aptitude
  • Assess your strength and weakness
  • Skills
  • Possibility and Opportunities
  • Capability
  • Feasibility and guidance
  • Nature of work
  • Financial aid and scholarship

For more and detailed information about stream change & various courses available after class 12 and proper colleges for different streams, browse visit your nearest Bright Educational Services centre.

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