TeachR – A new Framework for Ranking Teacher Training Institutes and Improve the Quality of Teachers

TeachR- A new Framework for Ranking Teacher Training Institutes and Improve the Quality of Teachers

The National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) has come up with a new method of ranking teachers training institutes across India- TeachR. The aim of this framework is to improve the quality and education of teachers. The process of drafting is going on and it is scheduled to become a new framework for accreditation and ranking of teacher education institutes by January next year.

Aims of TeachR

The quality of teacher training institutes has always been a topic of debate in India. With TeachR, NCTE is reorganizing the grading system for the institutes which is likely to give more emphasis on learning outcomes of students and teacher interaction rather than focusing only on the physical infrastructures which was previously the case. In simple words, the framework will clearly assess if the future teachers are ready for schools.

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Curbing the Menace of Fake Education Degrees

This new ranking method for teacher education institutes will assess:

  • Physical assets
  • Academic assets
  • Teaching quality
  • Student learning outcomes

Exceptions will be made for high performing institutions and they will be allowed to leap out the assessment if they qualify on two grounds- physical assets as well as learning outcomes. The poor performing teacher education institutes will be weeded out as a outcome of this quality assessment. There will be four categories, A, B, C and D under which the colleges will be ranked. Those falling in the category as low as D will be asked to shut down  without wasting a day and those who fall in C category will be obliged to meet the required standards within a year or else they will also be notified to shut down . This ranking of teacher education institutes will help the students in making the right decision about where to enroll.

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TeachR framework will curb the menace of fake degrees which allow the fraud teachers to corrode the quality of education in India. The new degrees awarded to the potential teachers will carry a QR code, making the degree genuine.


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