What is technology management and how to make career in it


What is technology management and how to make career in it

Managing technological fundamentals and creating competitive advantage out of it is termed as technology management discipline. The concepts used in it include technology strategy, technology forecasting, technology roadmap and technology project portfolio.

MBA in technology management is the programme offered in India for those who want to make career in discipline.

Some of the top institutes offering MBA in technology management include IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), Bangalore Institute of Management, and CEPT University (Ahmedabad).

The positions offered for those who wants to pursue career in technology management includes Analyst, Business Strategist, Corporate Administrator, Technology Manager, Consultant, Manager (Innovations), and R&D Specialist.

Those students who get direct placement from institutes can get the salary package of at least 8 lakh.

The work areas after completing technology management are Public & Private (all sectors), Government organizations, Think Tanks, and Academia too.

Just a formal educational background is required to get admission in technology management programme where students learn about needs of high-tech industries of emerging India. Students are trained in understanding the nuances of technology such as its creation, assessment, forecasting, transfer, absorption and more.

Some of the technology programmes offered abroad is as under:

Technology Management MBA (Work Compatible) – 18 months – Michael G Foster School of Business, University of Washington, USA

ENPC MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship – 10 months – The ENPC School of International Management, Paris, France

Global MBA (Specialisation-Innovation & TM) – 15 months – London School of Business & Finance, UK

Management of Innovation and Technology (MIT) – 12 months – ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Berlin, Germany.

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