West Bengal’s teachers to get teaching tips on mobile


West Bengal’s teachers to get teaching tips on mobile

West Bengal’s teachers will be getting teaching tips on mobile to enhance their English teaching skills. Very small versions of teaching instructions in English would be accessible as video snip on mobile phones which would be a part of a project so that education materials are easily available for the teacher.

British Council and West Bengal School Education Department has joined hands and embraced technology for the training of English language teachers and are making all the efforts to reach  lot of teachers and that too in remote rural areas of West Bengal

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How these teaching tips on mobile would be helpful

  • The government took the step and materials were planned to support conventional face-to-face training of the teachers and full development by utilizing a combination of superior quality, interactive digital sources such as audio recordings and films along with printed work books.
  • The context-sensitive method permits the teachers to connect directly to the teaching set up and the merged line of attack approach is expected to augment the quality of learning for teacher training and thus benefit the learners unswervingly.
  • The British Council have also made an effort to launch a DVD for the training of the teachers which was obtainable at 726 Circle Level Resource Centres all over the state.
  • The study material also comprises of 5 audio-visual units in two different DVDs.
  • The education resources video was run in all the government primary schools all over West Bengal. This helped the teachers and they could teach English language in a much more interactive and communicative style and laid emphasis more on Verbal communication and listening abilities of the pupils.
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