Why is Tribhuvan University the best option for you?

Why is Tribhuvan University the best option for you

Nepal is a beautiful country sleeping in the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountains sharing borders with India and the Tibet autonomous region of China. You might be knowing that Nepal is famous for its never-ending landscape and education.

Initially, education here was based on Homeschooling and Gurukuls. With the change of educational form and development of the country, a plenty of universities emerged in Nepal offering the needed education for the students. The first university waved its flag in Nepal is Tribhuvan University. This is one of the superior universities which is still continuing its long run in Nepal imparting the standard higher education.

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Objectives of Tribhuvan University

  • The university came into existence in 1959 with an objective to educate the people of Nepal and make them enough capable to give their contribution to the development of the country.
  • To preserve and establish the national cultures and tradition.
  • To promote the seeds of knowledge, peace and harmony all over the country.
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Interesting, right?

If you want to collect some more information about Tribhuvan University and its top-notch education, you can find it from below.

  • Tribhuvan University holds the pride of becoming the first national institution of higher education in Nepal.
  • Tribhuvan is a non-profitable autonomous university funded by the Govt of Nepal.
  • The Govt of Nepal agreed to declare principally the Tribhuvan University as the Central University of Nepal on Jan 8, 2013.
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Want to know more? Here are the lists of institutes affiliated to Tribhuvan University offering quality education to the students. They are

  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of medicine
  • Institute of Forestry
  • Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
  • Institute of Science and Technology

Advantages of enrolling into Tribhuvan University

  • Tribhuvan is a multi-campus university. Students can join either private or public campuses throughout the country.
  • Provides highly standard education
  • As Tribhuvan is in front position in excellence and experience, students achieve excellence in their particular field of studies than other universities.
  • Students get an opportunity to meet a number of industry experts who can motivate and guide them to the correct track to acquire all the success in their nearby future.
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Tribhuvan is one of the leading and oldest universities in Nepal providing the unbeatable quality education to the students. If you want to become a part of Tribhuvan University or want to know more about the University and its academical excellence, Pay a visit to the campus. If you are a non-resident of Nepal, you can collect all the details regarding the university from the official website.

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