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What is Bright Educational Services ?

A. It's an online management consulting, career, education services and outsourcing company. We deal with study options in India and abroad. We provide worldwide career counseling and admission guidance. We are India's first An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Educational Consultancy group. In brief, we provide career and admission guidance in all professional courses.

How old is Bright Educational Services?

A. Bright Educational Services is over 5 yrs old organization.

What is the aim of the Bright Educational Services?

A. We believe in the concept of spreading genuine education and providing meaningful employability to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender, language, region, sect, religion, and nationality etc. We work meticulously with colleges, students and parents in designing/deciding the career path so that everyone can get the best desired career option. We aim to provide a cost effective, reliable and a high quality service to all our customers.

What are the services which we provide for?

A. We as a Group provide following services:

  • College selection for admission;
  • Complete admission formalities;
  • Preparation for admission formalities;
  • Providing companies for campus placement;
  • Arrange college faculties; and
  • Branding and promotional services for the reputed educational institutions and allied corporate entities.
  • Career guidance and admission solutions for NRI students.

What are the courses in which we provide admission solutions?

A. We provide admission solutions in almost all subjects. We have our expertise in the subjects like Medical, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing, Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Education and Humanities etc

Do we provide only Degree level admission solutions?

A. We provide admission solutions and admission guidance at all levels of higher education, i. e., Graduation, Diploma, Post-Graduation, M. Phil and Ph. D.

Does Bright Educational Services also provide interview/GD/PI preparation for students?

A. Yes, we do provide admission interview/GD/PI preparations for our students. In fact we provide all sorts of logistic support which can benefit a student in their future making.

Do we charge any consultation fee?

A. Our charge is very nominal, that too, you pay us when you are satisfied. In fact, in your satisfaction lies the recognition of our services which we render.

What differentiates Bright Educational Services from other educational consultancies?

A. Unlike other educational services, Bright Educational Services gives priority in helping students in having access to courses and subjects of their choices/need, shaping their career by sharing correct information regarding courses, colleges and career, guiding them correctly, and be their partner in their education and career shaping. Besides, we have the best group of professionals in the entire industry who are known for their working skills, information, and integrity and pro- active attitudes. Our progress rate and your satisfaction with us are the real testimony to this.

Do we provide customized services also?

A. Yes, we are known for providing customized services. Our professionals perform career guidance and counseling as per the requirement. Imposition of ideas of any sort on students/parents is completely detested.

Do we provide guaranteed admission and guaranteed employment?

A. We provide commitments. Today with our cent percent accurate guidance and commitments, over thousands of students have already made their career as successful professionals. Similarly, every year thousands of students join reputed colleges/institutes of their choices and pursue their dream subjects. Please bear in mind that we are not an FMCG company who declares guarantee of their products. We are in to the educational field where commitment matters and are always highly valued.

What should be the most suitable time for a student to begin mulling over his/her career related educational options?

A. Although it is difficult to say anything regarding this as the issue varies from individual to individual, yet appearing 10th or 12th may be regarded as ideal time. As a matter of fact, in today's highly competitive educational and employment scenario, an early start is always recommended to start excogitating about higher education and employment.

Is Bright Educational Services a market leader in India?

A. Undoubtedly, we are a market leader in our respective segment. We are the most sought after Career and Education Group in the entire industry. We have with us established and respected institutional associations both at the national and the international levels. With a strong core team of hard working, skilled and experienced professionals, the guidance provided by us always remains unparalleled at all levels.

How educational institutes can benefit from us?

A. Selected quality institutions which have left indelible imprint in bringing the knowledge revolution in the country are our esteemed associates. We do their branding and promotions by making them reachable across all sections.

Do we also promote social, cultural and educational activities?

A. From time to time we arrange seminars, meetings and other programmes to bring some concrete qualitative shifts in the society at numerous levels.

Admission through management quota effects placement.

A. The Management or Directors in reputed educational institutes do not differentiate anything between students admitted on management or merit quota. Hence placements of any student completely depends on his performance rather then any external influence.

Admission under management quota to professional courses is illegal.

A. Admission under discretionary quota like Management / Nri or any other is absolutely legal. Infact, as per directions of the Honourable supreme court of India all the state and central government have fixed a certain percentage of students coming through such quota. This quota generally comprises of 5 � 40 % of total sanctioned intake.

It is mandatory to go through an education consultant to get admission in good colleges.

A. It is not mandatory to go through an education consultant. But, it is always advisable to seek their support because their vast experience help students get proper guidance in terms of selecting the most suited course and college.

Is this the right Industry for me?

A. Education Industry in India is poised at a crucial stage of growth. Also with large youth population and growing awareness about importance of education, this sector has easily become most preferred one for everyone.

How long does it take to open an IES franchise?

A. After signing the formal agreement it takes less than a month to start the entire operations.

Do I need a license to open IES franchise?

A. You need to take licenses from local municipal authorities which are applicable for office establishment, along with formal legal agreement with IES.

When can I break-even?

A. The break-even point varies depending upon variety of factors such as overheads and operating cost. However, the USP of this business is faster payback period and quick break-even point.

Do I need to be from education background?

A. Prior experience in education sector is desirable but not mandatory. IES franchise program is designed to assist a new franchisee in all the areas of operations.

Do I receive training from Indian Educational Services?

A. All the aspects with regards to the operation, sales, marketing, of the franchise are taught during the training period. The support given is quite clear and precise that by the end of the training you are very much ready for a franchise of your own.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

A. The initial agreement term is 5 years with an option for further renewal.

Do I need any previous experience?

A. Since this is an educational business, we require that all franchisees have, at a minimum, a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution. In addition, I.E.S wants their franchisees to be energetic, financially able team players who really desire their own business and are willing to put in the hard work to make it successful. You bring your desire and we will teach you the business. You do not need to know the abacus before you contact us.

Do I receive assistance in opening my franchise business?

A. Yes. In addition to your initial training period, an Operations Specialist will work with you prior to and during your first week of operation. We will identify potential target group in your vicinity and make a detailed project report of the marketing plan.

Do I receive training from Indian Educational Services?

A. All the aspects with regards to the operation, sales, marketing, of the franchise are taught during the training period. The support given is quite clear and precise that by the end of the training you are very much ready for a franchise of your own.

What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?

A. First of all, you will receive the I.E.S Operation Manual covering the many important facets of your business. As this manual is updated, revisions will be made available to you. Periodically, you will receive company bulletins and memos containing useful management information and important happenings. A continuous advisory service will be available on all promotional, operational and business problems, as well as field and technical assistance.

Am I given any territorial protection?

A. Yes. We will mutually establish a marketing territory that is appropriate for the market condition and location selected within which you will have exclusive rights.

How do I learn more about the franchise opportunity?

A. Let us help you decide. Once the Online form is filled and sent by you, the pace is set for interaction between us. So, the quickest way to get in touch with us is to first send us the online form filled at the earliest so that any additional information from our side can be sent to you. Same day, you will get a call from us to discuss about the franchise business in detail. So any questions from your side can be cleared at that time. We know the importance of setting up a franchise, so we will support you in every way to make your process stress-free as possible.

Can I own more than one unit?

A. The mark of an excellent franchise is the rate at which franchisees own more than one location. INDIAN EDUCATIONAL SERVICES has a multiple center program that encourages successful franchisees to purchase additional units by reducing the franchise fee for each successive unit.

How much can I expect to earn?

A. Your profit and loss will depend on a number of factors, such as population, your geographical location, the amount of time you spend on the job, how good a business person you are, and marketing conditions. We help maximize your profit by giving you the benefit of a well-organized system and concept.

I would like to study your franchise agreement. Will you send me one?

A. Our Franchise Agreement was developed by attorneys and specialists in franchising and is a valued document which we do not indiscriminately distribute. However, once you have had a personal meeting with our Director, we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the Franchise Agreement and our Disclosure Statement.

I'm ready to go! What do I do?

A. First, fill out the Get acquainted Form and submit it to us.




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Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How to Register?

A. Click ‘Register’ on the top of the page and you will come across a registration form. You can fill this in barely 2 minutes. Just offer your information, confirm your mobile number and take pleasure in the several benefits of

2. How do I hunt for courses or colleges?

A. To look for any college or course all you have to do is enter your name in the search box of homepage. When you type you will see a drop down box you can choose the name of your desired college. The subsequent way to search colleges is by categories like Engineering, MBA, Design and Other Courses.

3. How can help me in making the accurate college decision?

A. If you have plans to go for MBA,Engineering or other courses we will help you all through. All you have to do is Browse by Categories’ and choose the course you want to opt for. It will display listings so move ahead and go for your favorite college

4. Can help me in making best career choice?

A. A student is always in a state of dilemma when he has to choose his career. always helps in making a right career choice. We are always there to help you choose an apt stream after XII in Science/Commerce/Humanities as per your ability and fondness. We unveil in front of you best career options, its job summary, career openings and eligibility for the course.

5. If I want to study abroad how do I get the information?

A. is specially designed to direct students who have a desire to study abroad. It providesstate-of-the-art and very positive information for colleges, entrance exams required, courses,application process, funding options, visa requirementsat country level.

6. How do I stay updated with the most recent news?

A. Frequent news and articles issued by us will keep you informed about all education related queries. These news articles inform you about dates of entrance exam, deadlines for application and numerous other things which are related to upcoming courses and careers.

7. Can I unsubscribe the mails?

A. Yes, you can unsubscribe anytime you wish these mails are bothering you. You can do it by un-checking the dialog box shown under on your profile page.

8. Way to contact

A. For more details and information you can log on to our official website or call on our helpline number 9564733330 between 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

General FAQ

Choose Your Stream Wisely After Class X (FAQ)

If you are confused which stream to choose after class X, here you will find some advantages of each stream. The article will help you not to be clueless and confused. Read below carefully and it is suggested to select the stream which is your strength.

1. What are the main streams to select after class X

A. There are three broad streams to select after class X and those are Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts.

2. What stream is Science

A. The stream Science is related to Medical and Engineering studies in long run and the subjects include Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

3. What stream is Commerce

A. The Commerce stream is linked to financial marketing, business, commerce and trade in higher studies and the subjects in it include mathematics and financial abilities.

4. What stream is Humanities/Arts

A. The Humanities/Arts stream is related to education in Geography, Political Science, History, Anthropology, Human Resources, Psychology, Languages and Journalism.

5. Why many find Science is attractive

A. Most of the students find Science to be very fascinating and most lucrative. However, it is suggested to select it if only you have interest in the stream, which includes practical labs and also theory that needs good hard work. The stream is further differentiated in Medical and Non-Medical. Biology is the core subject In Medical. Mathematics becomes the core subject in Non-Medical.

6. Why to choose Commerce

A. If you want to make career in business, finance, trade and other related segments, commerce is best to choose after class X. Students of Commerce can make career into MNCs, Banks, CA, CS and more.

7. Why to choose Humanities or Arts

A. This is the widest study option. It is perfect for those who wish to study about Geography, History, Language, Literature, Mass Media, Journalism, and Psychology.

Entrance Examination FAQ

Common Admission Test (CAT) – Frequently Asked Questions

CAT is a computer-based test held in India organized by the Indian Institutes of Management. The test is conducted to select students for management courses across different management colleges. The test scores the candidate based on Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning.

1. Who is eligible to take the CAT Exam?

A. The candidate must have completed his Bachelor’s degree with an aggregate of 50% marks (General) and 45% (SC/ST/DA). The candidate may also appear if he/she is in the final year of the Bachelor’s Programme.

2. Is there any age restriction for giving the CAT Exam?

A. There is no age restriction for giving the CAT Examination.

3. What is the fee for CAT examination and how do I pay for it?

A. For General and NC-OBC Category Students the fees for appearing for CAT Exam is Rs 1600 and that for SC/ST/PwD it is Rs 800.

4. Can I appear for more than one slot for CAT?

A. Every candidate is allowed to take the exam only once

5. How many sections are there in CAT?

A. The CAT Examination has three sections:

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Verbal Ability

6. Are there any mock tests available online?

A. There are a number of mock tests available on the official website, which can be practiced by students.

7. What is the validity of the CAT Score?

A. The CAT score is valid for only one year.

BITSAT 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) first semester to begin in August and this is the perfect time to know how to appear for it. Below are some of the FAQs:

1. Who are eligible for BITSAT?

A. Those students of 10+2 who had Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects can apply for the BITSAT 2020. However, it is important here to make note that such candidates can only be eligible for B. Pharm programme and not for other first year degree programme.

2. By when candidates need to have their results for class 12 to apply for BITSAT 2020?

A. To apply for BITSAT 2020 candidates need to have their class 12 result on or before June 30 as the first semester will start in August this year.

3. Can a student who passed class 12 in 2018 apply for BITSAT 2020?

A. Yes, students either appearing for class 12 in 2020 or have passed the same in 2018 can apply for B ITSAT 2020.

4. What is the percentage of marks required in class 12 to appear for BITSAT 2020?

A. A minimum of aggregate 75 percent marks is required in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to apply for Mathematics in BITSAT or Biology in BITSAT respectively.

5. Can a candidate reappear this year if failed to obtain the minimum cut-off marks in BITSAT 2020?

A. Yes, the candidate can appear in BITSAT 2020 if failed to obtain the minimum marks last year.

6. Can an NRI appear for BITSAT 2020?

A. Yes, NRIs can also apply for the BITSAT 2020.

7. What are the procedures for NRIs to apply for BITSAT 2020?

A. The application procedure is same for the NRIs too as it is for the students residing in India.

8. Can anyone with foreign qualifications apply for the BITSAT 2020?

A. Yes, students having foreign qualifications too can appear for the BITSAT 2020, but they need to provide an equivalence certificate from AIU during the admission time and not at the time of application submission.

Joint Entrance Exam- 2020 Frequently asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for JEE – Main?

General Category- Candidates whose birthday falls after 01 Oct 1991.

SC/ST/PwD- Candidates whose birthday falls after 01 Oct 1986.

Candidates who have passed their class 12th exam or who are appearing for it in 2020.

2. How many times a candidate is allowed to attempt JEE Main?

A. A candidate may appear to a limit of three times.

3. Can a candidate change the preference for the mode of examination?

A. A candidate can only change the made of examination from offline (Pen and Paper Based) to online (Computer Based) examination.

4. What happens if a candidate does not book his/her slot for the online examination after paying the fees?

A. The candidate will be randomly allotted a slot with the date and time which will be mentioned on the admit card. The same can be downloaded from the website.

5. What are the dates for Computer Based examination?

A. The CBE will be conducted on 9th and 10th April 2020

6. When will be result of JEE-Main 2020 be declared?

A. The result will be declared on 27th April, 2020

7. Can a candidate get some practice test?

A. The mock test is available on the website and can be downloaded for practice purpose.

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