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Pre - Departure Finances :

Make sure you have all of your finances taken care of well ahead of time. This includes making sure all of your financial commitments at home are being addressed and you’ve researched how you’re going to maintain and organize your finances when you’re abroad. Confirm that all of your billing for school costs has been covered for tuition as well as housing. If you aren’t paying your home school directly, verify that your payments to the study abroad program or school are arranged. Let all scholarship sponsors know where you will be and to whom they should address scholarship checks. If you’re getting some sort of federal loan and/or scholarship, confirm that you’ve completed all of the necessary paperwork well before you leave in case you still need to return any forms. Lastly, make sure you let your bank know that you won’t be in the country for an extended period of time. This prevents them from freezing your account when they see that someone (who they wrongly assume isn’t you) is traveling around the world with your card. I’ll get into how to open a bank account overseas a little bit later, but for now, here are the basics of foreign banking.

  • ATM machines overseas typically accept most U.S. bank ATM cards. The most popular are MasterCard, VISA, CIRRUS and NYCE. If you don’t have one of those, just call customer service or get in touch with a bank representative who will tell you if your card is valid overseas. Find an ATM at the location you plan to study abroad.
  • Withdrawal fees are hard to avoid, but it’s better to know ahead of time what you’re spending every time you use your card so be sure to do some research. Some banks are part of the Global ATM Alliance which allows customers of their banks to use their ATM card or debit card at another bank within the Global ATM Alliance with no international ATM access fees. For example, Bank of America fees will not be charged for Barclay’s branches in the UK or Deutsche Bank branches in Germany.
  • Wiring money is always an option, but that is way too expensive in most cases.
  • Traveler’s checks are still an option although they’re quickly becoming obsolete. If it’s something you’re looking into, try to get them in the currency of your abroad country so you aren’t affected by the exchange rate.


Final Notes:

When you’re heading abroad, I suggest having at least $300 in foreign currency for emergencies and basic costs like food and other necessities that you’ll need when you get there. When I went to Scotland I took 170 British Pounds (GBP), and when heading to Beijing, I brought 2,000 Renminbi (RMB).

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Marrie Jessi asked 2 month ago

Hello students,

There are more than 20 medical government and private colleges available across Nepal offering more than 2500 MBBS seats in Nepal.

Some of the best medical colleges to study MBBS in Nepal are –

Institute of Medicine, Nepal affiliated to Tribhuvan University

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences affiliated to Kathmandu University

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Autonomous)

Vijay S asked 3 month ago


I think, the below three reason was most of the students prefer government colleges.

Compared to private very low fees structure. So, lower/middle class students also can study their interested programs.

In government colleges, students get admission from merit list. So, most of the companies prefer to hire from Government colleges.

The government colleges have most experienced professors

Please check and get proper guidance before choosing your colleges.

Which is the best MBA or MTech?

admin asked 5 months ago

Sushant asked 3 months ago

Both are good. But in which institution, you are pursuing these PGs makes the difference.

And also depends on your goal. In general Engineering with MBA is a good combination.

If you want to pursue M.Tech., make sure that you are doing it in a good institution and good specialization.

You should be clear what you want to do. If you are not clear even at the time of completing graduation, you should meet a career counselor.

CET Exam

Syed Mohammad Izhar asked 2 month ago

How to get admit card for phase III CET exam

Sushant asked 2 month ago


Please follow the below step for downloading admit card of CET phase III.

Go to official website (

Click the notification for the release of the MAKAUT CET phase III 2020 admit card.

You are redirected to the login page. Login with your registered Mobile number and Application number.

In the login page, you can able to view the admit card.

Then, you can download and print out of the admit card.

How is studying MBBS in Bangladesh?

Vinoth asked 3 months ago

Sushant asked 3 months ago

Last several years, Bangladesh has shown a good development in terms of education. The below are the reasons why getting MBBS degree from Bangladesh is a good choice for Indian and other national students:

Bangladesh Medical University is recognized by WHO and UNESCO and is accepted across globally

No donation is required to get mbbs admission in Bangladesh.

Students studying in medical colleges in Bangladesh are provided the 1 year internship for MBBS students.

The quality of infrastructure, education and accommodation is comparable to other developed countries.

The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure

The standard of education is very good and is comparable to other developed countries.

MBBS Course in Bangladesh is very affordable as compared to other countries across the world.

Bangladesh Colleges offer quality education with high experienced staff.

Most of medical colleges are recognized by MCI. Indian students, who are complete their degree with MCI Approved colleges, they can able to work in India also.

The accommodation is very affordable with high quality standards and facilities.

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