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What is your future plan? If you are studying or have just completed 10th or 12th standard, you probably face this question every time. From family, friends and relatives, everyone asks the same kind of question to you. While they can be very frustrating, these questions should make you seriously think of deciding which courses after 10th you want to choose. In case, you are a twelfth standard student, then start finding out about courses after 12th to find a course that you would like to pursue.

Many people will tell you that this is the best course after 10th or that is the best course after 12th. Take in all the ideas and suggestions. You should also do your research, talk to your seniors, and explore your interests before you decide what to do after 12th?

If you are still in a dilemma about what you want to do, take a look at the detailed options given here to make a decision.

Details of "What to do after 12th":

Course Details:

1. Agricultural Courses

We live in a country that is predominantly agricultural economy. It would be right to say that agriculture occupies a vital place in the economic development of India. A candidate specializing in the field and graduating in the stream would be called an ‘agriculturist’. Agriculture as the term suggest is not merely limited to sowing of seeds and cultivation of land. The term is much broader in prospects. Read more

2. Arts & Humanities Courses

Arts and Humanities was a stream that was not quite looked upon. But there is a changing scenario today. With a broad spectrum of career options available while pursuing Arts & Humanities, there is a sudden shift in students seeking to pursue the course. Read more

3. Architecture Courses

As the name suggests, Architecture Engineering is a course that is designed to turn out engineers who are proficient with building concrete structures, and also are efficient in the various systems that go into making the building design complete – ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, structural integrity, safety and fire alarms systems, electrical systems, etc. Read more


4. Ayurveda Course

Ayurveda science is also emerging a field in healthcare science next only to medical sciences. What is Ayurvedic Science? Ayurvedic science is aimed at the preservation of health and prevention of disease by establishing balance and harmony through nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. The World Health Organization [WHO] recognizes Ayurveda as a complete natural health care system. Read more


 5. Commerce Courses

Enrol for one of the most happening career courses in India today! Commerce courses are the most sought after courses in India today mainly because of the wide spectrum of career choice that they offer post graduation. Pursuing a commerce course would qualify the person about the know how of the financial aspects of the business. The candidate becomes very well-versed in basics of trade, economics, market policies and fluctuations. Read more


 6. Occupational Therapy Courses

Students who love to take up challenges in life can go for certificate and degree courses in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists deal with candidates having disabilities in physical and mental conditions. They can be assisted well to take part in home and school activities and later in everyday activities to survive in this world. The students taking up occupational therapy courses must be very patient and compassionate. They must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills to be able to convince and understand humans of all ages. Read more


 7. Paramedical Courses

The health system in the country is developing well and there is increasing need of paramedical experts in the industry. The students specializing in this field of study are referred to as paramedics. The dream jobs of the students can arise when one does specializations in this course. Nursing homes and hospitals need them at all times to make their patients survive well. Read more

8. Pharmacy Courses

Students look for different areas to study and have a good future. Pharmacy can be a good field of study to start a career in medicine. It requires understanding of pharmaceutical affects on the nervous system, digestive system, endocrine systems and cardiovascular systems thoroughly. The students doing these courses are called pharmacists. They have the idea of drugs and can prescribe drugs over the counter to treat patients effectively. Read more


 9. Physiotherapy Courses

Students look for several areas of study to do well in future and earn money. Students having knack in Science subjects and have science stream for study at 10+2 level can proceed with a career in physiotherapy. This is interesting field and the students acquiring the knowledge about the subject are called physiotherapists. They can take diploma, degree and post graduate courses in physiotherapy. Read more.


 10. Polytechnic Courses

Individuals having less time in hand to go for higher studies and have monetary constraints in family can go for polytechnic courses. These courses make diploma engineers in several branches and job prospects are open at earlier ages. Technical education opens a huge world of opportunities in front of the students taking up these courses. This type of education is outside schools and Universities but recognized by many companies. Read more.


 11. Pre School and Play School

Elementary level of learning has a lot to do with the development of a child. Teachers employed to take care of children coming from the secure home environment to school must be extremely skilled to handle the kids efficiently. The preschool teachers must make the school environment feel acceptable and positive to interest the child. They must take courses to make themselves capable of handling such kids with extreme delicacy and responsibility. Read more


 12. Science Courses

Studying science at graduation level is the dream of many students. Meritorious students have the affinity to teach science subjects to have a good future. These graduates can become scientists and research scholars if they continue to work hard in their subject of study. They can bring out new inventions to become doctorates and serve the society with their social researches. Read more


 13. Secondary School Courses

Secondary education is very important as this is the basic foundation for the career one will have in future. It provides idea of the subjects one can take in future. It makes an individual expose to all the subjects in the world and helps them develop basic concepts with understanding of the subject. The subjects of study include mathematics, English, mother language, another third language of choice, Computer, History, geography, Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Passing secondary standard is of prime importance to be eligible for Higher Secondary education and further. Read more


 14. Siddha Courses

Siddha courses make students learn alternative medicine methods. This is an ancient form of Tamil medicine. The medicines can be of three types like common medicines, miracle medicines and sophisticated medicine. This medicine subjects makes the disciple have close relationship with the teacher. Sacred process is followed in treating by this method. This subject is taught now in many institutions and students can learn this medicine for good future prospects. Read more


 15. Social Work Courses

Students look for several streams of study to become differently educated and work efficiently in their profession. Students having care and concern for the society can go for social work courses. It provides all level of study and makes them suitable to work in this arena. The students studying this subject are called social workers who strive to bring liberation for the underprivileged people of the society. Read more


 16. Travel and Tourism Courses

Students look for various branches of study to make their life interesting and feel complete. Travel and Tourism is a very booming industry at present all round the globe and doing specializations in this sector will open many job options in front of the individuals. They can be called tourism planners and hotel executives and help people coming to visit the place. The job is really enjoying and brings good returns. Read more


 17. Medical PG Courses

Studying medicine can make the future of a student very prosperous. He becomes capable of serving mankind and has the license to cure people with different kinds of medicines. They not only write prescriptions but do surgeries to save lives. They also take part in several research activities for bettering the human health conditions of the country. Read more


 18. Unani Courses

Unani medicine refers to the ancient ways of treating disorders and diseases. Persian people and Mughal era used such procedures for staying healthy. Students show inclination to studying Unani courses or Alternative medicine. They become experts in treating patients by healing methods and use ancient techniques for better living. Read more


 19. Veterinary Courses

Veterinary specialists earn knowledge during their studies to treat and train the animals to good living. Medical degree must be obtained to handle the sickness of animals. Animals need care and attention to go through their bad times in living. Getting trained in veterinary courses makes a person confident to handle pets with confident approach. They make the lives of the pets feel important and thoughtful. Read more


 20. Allied Health Courses

Allied Health Sciences course gives rise to a distinct community of professionals who with their expertise help prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat or rehabilitate people of all age groups and in any speciality. Coupled with technical support and staff they strive to deliver direct patient care, diagnosis, treatment and health improvement interventions to restore optimum health. The Allied Health Professionals work in health care teams to make the health care system function by providing a series of diagnostic, technical, remedial and direct patient care and support services that are vital to the other health professionals they work with and the patients they serve. Read more


 21. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Courses

Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology - Stands for a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. Typically a Diploma is of 2 years in duration, minimum eligibility for which is an intermediate (10+2) in science. Read more


 22. Computer Courses

In the tech driven age taking up Computer study as a choice of academic or career would be very beneficial. Computer applications are offered at all levels and can be a part of any academic program. Computer courses prepare students for a variety of jobs – basic as data entry or even advanced as computer programming. Advanced jobs can lead the candidate to positions as Graphic designer and Web designer. Read more


 23. Dental Courses

Dentistry is a branch of medical science that deals with problems that affect oral health i.e gums, teeth and oral cavity. It studies the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the mouth. Today dentistry also has an upcoming branch – Cosmetic Dentistry that deals with correction of teeth and advanced dental care. Read more


 24. Designing Courses

Designing courses are the best choices for academics and career for creative people. There are numerous institutions offering designing courses in various disciplines. Often design courses can complement other degree courses when they are pursued as diploma or certificate courses. Read more


 25. Earth Science Courses

Earth Science is a very interesting subject of study. Students who want to study something different and take part in important discoveries to help the nation develop can take up this study. This study makes one know the Earth and its neighbours in space properly. Students specializing in these studies are regarded as earth scientists. They utilize their studies to conserve the available energy resources, track down mineral reserves, analyse human activities and try their best to keep the Earth unaffected. Read more


 26. Engineering Courses

Our country is developing rapidly and educated engineers are working at high pace to give our country a respected place in the world. The development of the nation depends on the merit of the candidates specializing in engineering sector. Working in the engineering field is not just building roads and bridges but has broader thought. The candidates taking engineering as profession are referred to as engineers. Read more


 27. Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy is alternative medicine given to patients who cannot take antibiotics and look for medicines that will give them relief from chronic problems. This field has been started long ago and people of highly developed nations still believe in its curing properties. People taking up this subject for studies are referred to as homeopathic doctors. Read more


 28. ITC Courses

Information about the geographical features is very growing industry in the world. Experts are needed in this sector to realize and solve the major problems like healthcare, food security, and climate and land scarcity. The students doing these courses are called science experts in the disaster management sector. Information systems and remote sensing tools are used properly to understand the problems of real world. Read more


 29. ITI Courses

Industrial training Institutes are scattered all round the country to train students about technical know how in engineering fields. The students studying this course will have diploma degree equivalent to diploma in engineering subjects. This education is imparted just after 10 years of schooling for developing skilled man force to work in tough industries. Read more


 30. Law Courses

India is developing at fast pace and its law and order conditions need to be kept balanced for the safety and security of the citizens. Many candidates like to take up law courses for a promising future. The candidates must be ready for long term study and practice well in the field to become experts in this branch of study. Read more


 31. Management Courses

Management study is very important to excel in a career. It is not a very simple game and needs understanding of difficult things of business. Managers must be equipped with several tactics to make the business run successfully and effectively without any issues. Important decisions are taken by the managers to make the business proceed in the right direction. Management course study makes capable managers who can predict crisis and handle the situations with care and precision. Read more


 32. Media and Communication Courses

The changing world is filled with opportunities in media and communication sector. The students passing their 12th standards may be looking for lucrative opportunities in the media sector. Mass media and communication students can later become newspaper editors, news experts, TV news readers, reporters and social analysts. A very promising future will be front of them. Read more


 33. Medical Courses

Many candidates passing the 12th standard and having good merit think of pursuing a medical profession. It is a challenging profession but gives a person peace of mind. It gives him the opportunity to serve mankind. Medical course candidates are later called doctors. Doctors can work in all sectors to cure the health issues of the people. Read more


 34. Naturopathy and Yogic Courses

There are many means of livelihood at present other than becoming doctors and engineers. One can heal the people of the society by training them in yoga and using natural remedies for health conditions. Students doing certificate courses in this field are called yogic experts and naturopaths. Government of India has recognized this form of study and this has been a great gift from India to the modern society. Our society is struggling with stressful health conditions, faulty lifestyle and unethical food habits. Read more


35. Education Courses

Doing well in the field of education is possible when one specializes in education courses. He can become a teacher, professor or supervisor with critical knowledge and good skills. Educationists must have good communication skills and convincing attitude to be able to work with students of all ages and help them in learning at different age levels. Read more

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Marrie Jessi asked 2 month ago

Hello students,

There are more than 20 medical government and private colleges available across Nepal offering more than 2500 MBBS seats in Nepal.

Some of the best medical colleges to study MBBS in Nepal are –

Institute of Medicine, Nepal affiliated to Tribhuvan University

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences affiliated to Kathmandu University

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Autonomous)

Vijay S asked 3 month ago


I think, the below three reason was most of the students prefer government colleges.

Compared to private very low fees structure. So, lower/middle class students also can study their interested programs.

In government colleges, students get admission from merit list. So, most of the companies prefer to hire from Government colleges.

The government colleges have most experienced professors

Please check and get proper guidance before choosing your colleges.

Which is the best MBA or MTech?

admin asked 5 months ago

Sushant asked 3 months ago

Both are good. But in which institution, you are pursuing these PGs makes the difference.

And also depends on your goal. In general Engineering with MBA is a good combination.

If you want to pursue M.Tech., make sure that you are doing it in a good institution and good specialization.

You should be clear what you want to do. If you are not clear even at the time of completing graduation, you should meet a career counselor.

CET Exam

Syed Mohammad Izhar asked 2 month ago

How to get admit card for phase III CET exam

Sushant asked 2 month ago


Please follow the below step for downloading admit card of CET phase III.

Go to official website (

Click the notification for the release of the MAKAUT CET phase III 2020 admit card.

You are redirected to the login page. Login with your registered Mobile number and Application number.

In the login page, you can able to view the admit card.

Then, you can download and print out of the admit card.

How is studying MBBS in Bangladesh?

Vinoth asked 3 months ago

Sushant asked 3 months ago

Last several years, Bangladesh has shown a good development in terms of education. The below are the reasons why getting MBBS degree from Bangladesh is a good choice for Indian and other national students:

Bangladesh Medical University is recognized by WHO and UNESCO and is accepted across globally

No donation is required to get mbbs admission in Bangladesh.

Students studying in medical colleges in Bangladesh are provided the 1 year internship for MBBS students.

The quality of infrastructure, education and accommodation is comparable to other developed countries.

The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure

The standard of education is very good and is comparable to other developed countries.

MBBS Course in Bangladesh is very affordable as compared to other countries across the world.

Bangladesh Colleges offer quality education with high experienced staff.

Most of medical colleges are recognized by MCI. Indian students, who are complete their degree with MCI Approved colleges, they can able to work in India also.

The accommodation is very affordable with high quality standards and facilities.

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